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Kindness Cards

Get the card. Pass it on.

Taking the tool of human kindness one step further, we’ve introduced the “Kindness Card.” This card enables you to present a tangible reminder of intentional kindness to its recipient. The purpose of the card is not to elicit a reward or response but rather to be used in times of autonomy where the recipient can appreciate the act. The card draws emphasis to the actual Gift of Kindness provided and hopefully prompts the recipient to “pass it on” by way of providing a kind act to another.

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Kindness Card – Front – Click Card for Larger View Kindness Card – Back – Click Card for Larger View
Thank You Card – Click Card for Larger View  Read & Share the 11 Intentional Acts of Kindness post here.

Two Ways to Get Cards

1. Download printable cards in Adobe PDF format.
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2. Request PrePrinted Cards Via Mail
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How to Use Kindness Cards

Example (just one of many)…. you pull into a drive-thru and pay for your order. Instead of just taking your food and pulling off, give the Gift of Kindness and pay for the person behind. Sure it may cost you $5 but the simple act will have a profound impact on that person and in your own life. It’s easy, you tell the cashier you want to pay for that person behind you too. You then hand the cashier a KINDNESS CARD and ask that they give the card to the person when they pull through to pay. This lets the recipient know and become aware of the initiative as the card explains it. Later in the day or week, this person will look at the card and it will remind them that they were the recipient of a the Gift of Kindness. The card serves as a reminder and a vehicle to be contagious and spread positive energy.

The concept is simple. The impact is overwhelming. The opportunity is now up to you.

Give the Gift of Kindness on a regular basis and you will be see a change not only in the lives of those around you but also a positive, more fulfilling change in your own life.